Chief of Staff

Every founder, CEO and company are different. Hiring a Chief of Staff, in particular, is not a one-size-fits-all recruiting decision. The set of skills, personality traits and experience that make certain people proficient in this role are highly variable. In a way, it takes one to know one.

This is a specialty hire that requires distinct attention. We actively consult with CEO’s to help identify what he/she is looking for in a CoS, how the company will utilize and operate alongside this new face in the executive room and how the role will grow in the organization over time.

The Chief of Staff handles complex situations and multiple responsibilities simultaneously, mixing long-term projects with the urgency of immediate demands. They must also have the demonstrated ability to deal with highly confidential information and act as a liaison between the Chief Executive Officer and other constituencies, both internal and external. The Chief of Staff must exhibit the skills to collaborate with and achieve actionable results through others, the ability to build strong and sustainable relationships, and the capability to interact within all levels of the agency. The Chief of Staff must also show the willingness and ability to manage large amounts of detail with great care and accuracy.

The Chief of Staff reports to the CEO and serves as a member of the executive team. The Chief of Staff serves as senior aide and advisor to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) by providing day-to-day management of the Executive Office according to the CEO’s agenda, strategy, and direction. The Chief of Staff works directly with, and as a delegate to the CEO to increase the CEO’s bandwidth and velocity to concentrate his time, effort, and priorities on strategic activities. The Chief of Staff demonstrates the highest standards of integrity. The Chief of Staff will work closely with the executive and senior teams to continuously fine-tune strategies and priorities toward the achievement of our organizational goals. S/he will focus particularly on strengthening organizational culture, systems, program-administration integration and collaboration on agency-wide initiatives.

Organizational Management and Strategy

  • Develop deep knowledge of the organization’s culture, structure, work, strengths, and challenges to generate creative, effective ways to improve functioning, procedures, protocols, and planning.
  • Manage business operations–design, develop and implement agency-wide systems that improve efficiency and effectiveness, including administrative policies.
  • Revamp and implement project management systems to improve monitoring, decision-making, and problem-solving throughout a project’s life cycle (from proposal development through final reporting).
  • Support the CEO and partner with management team members to ensure that staff achieve division- and agency-wide goals. Collaborate with other senior managers on projects and deliverables essential to organizational impact.
  • Work closely with CEO to ensure that organizational initiatives and activities are in line with strategy and brand.
  • Support planning and preparation for senior directors and management meetings; create agendas and supporting materials. Lead cross-organizational meetings as appropriate.
  • Enhance the organization’s approach to talent development, identifying and implementing ways to encourage maximum performance, dedication, and job satisfaction of staff members
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to staff on professional development.
  • External Affairs, Partnerships, and Field Leadership
  • In conjunction with the Communications department, manage the CEO’s internal and external communications both written and spoken.
  • Ensure that the CEO is prepared for all meetings and events.
  • Develop ideas for cross-department program integration as well as stronger program collaborations between The Door and our current partners, including our affiliated organizations, Broome Street Academy and University Settlement.
  • Partner with senior program leaders on strategies for sharing our best practices and engaging in field leadership.
  • Support the CEO, and development team in developing and implementing strategies to increase The Door’s visibility. Play a lead role in the development and execution of our communications strategy.
  • Represent the organization at meetings, conferences, and public advocacy.
  • Act on behalf of, and represent, the CEO as appropriate to internal and external constituents.

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