5 Reasons to Hire SAGE Virtual Staffing

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Every day, we meet with business leaders who need to outsource their daily operations to a team of professionals.

But we also often meet business owners who have had negative experiences with dubious agencies. As a result, these entrepreneurs become skeptical of outsourcing. We don’t blame them; in fact, we understand completely. We created Sage Virtual Staffing precisely because we were also sick and tired of the mediocre methods and procedures used in the virtual staffing industry.

But outsourcing cannot be ignored because too many businesses are having incredible success with virtual workers. At the end of the day, it all comes down to who you’re doing business with. In this post, we will give you 5 reasons to choose SAGE Virtual Staffing.

  1. Cut Costs, Save Money

The most compelling argument in favor of outsourcing is its cost cutting potential. We have clients that have cut their costs up to 50 percent by replacing full-time employees with SAGE Virtual Staffing. Obviously, it depends on your business expenses, but just take a look at our rates for virtual assistants.  As you can see, our virtual assistant services cost much less than traditional employees.  Our rates for other virtual staff members, ei remote project managers, bookkeepers, vary based on our customers needs.

But the obvious counterargument is this: if you outsource, your employees will be ineffective and poorly trained, and they will be less competent than traditional employees, right? Some people say that outsourcing will hurt your business because your best workers will have been replaced.

We beg to differ. At SAGE, we know how to vet and recruit. We find those special staffers who are rare in the working world. Our people are skilled, resourceful, intelligent, and most importantly, competent. In fact, we think that your productivity will increase if you hire Sage. Our goal is to save you money and improve your business at the same time. This is the type of value that we provide.

  1. Experienced Recruiters

When it comes to recruitment, experience is everything. We say this often because it bears repeating. Hiring staffers and matching them with clients is a sensitive and subtle process. It requires high levels of emotional intelligence to find and employ the most effective workers. A recruiter must be a maestro of human psychology in many respects, because it takes insight to quickly and accurately judge a candidate’s situation and skill set.

Our staff are not numbers to us. Rather, they’re human beings with desires, dreams, and ambitions. They also have weaknesses and insecurities. The process of understanding and placing staff must take all these subtle factors into account. Picking a CV just because it sounds good is a recipe for disaster. We know the hiring process better than anyone. We know it so well that we have developed our own proprietary recruitment methods that outstrip anything that we’ve seen during our time in the virtual staffing industry.

If you choose to do business with SAGE, you can rest assured knowing that your staffing solutions are in good hands. We’ve seen it all a hundred times, and we have the wisdom that only decades of recruitment experience can buy.

  1. A World-Class Remote Workforce

Following on from the last point, SAGE Virtual Staffing (and our sister company SAGE Executive Assistants) has a large array of business professionals on our team. We have VA’s, project managers, business consultants, executive assistants for c-level executives, personal assistants, sales specialists, accounting specialists, grant writers, and more.

Our experienced recruiters have vetted our staff thoroughly. We run background checks, give aptitude tests, and vet our candidates comprehensively before accepting them onto our team.

When you hire SAGE Virtual Staffing, you’re bringing serious business professionals onto your team. Plus, all our people are based in the USA. This is important because sometimes agencies outsource the work to foreign countries. While this can work sometimes, it often creates more problems than it solves because there are intercultural differences and sometimes foreign workers don’t understand the American work culture properly. We’re a US based team who understand what it takes to work for an American company.

  1. Tech Savvy Processes and Procedures

We’re strict about this: our people must be tech literate. A remote worker not only depends on his or her computer and internet connection. So, we select candidates who are comfortable with technology. If something goes wrong, they will be able to quickly find a solution so that your operations are not interrupted.

Also, their tech literacy will benefit your business operations because our employees use cutting-edge streamlining processes that maximize productivity. You never know, our employees may be able to suggest methods that automate certain time-consuming business tasks. Again, this is the type of value that SAGE brings to the table.

  1. A Flexible Subscription Model

We make the process as convenient as possible for you. You can hire SAGE Virtual Staffing but cancel at any time. Flexibility is something that we care deeply about. Business needs can change quickly, and you may suddenly need new solutions. In this case, you simply cancel your subscription.

This makes finding both temporary and permanent staff less stressful since you know that you can cancel your subscription at any time.

We put a lot of thought and effort into building our subscription model. At this point, we can offer flexible subscriptions for any type of business. Whether you need a temporary VA to help you for a few months, or a permanent worker who will work 40 hours a week, our subscription model has you covered.


Nobody does it like SAGE. You can hand the responsibility of your remote staffing over to us, and we will use our wide range of experience to match and assign your tasks to the appropriate employees. They will then learn your business methods and handle your administrative duties. You will see for yourself how competent and efficient our staffers are. They will free up both time and energy that you can use for more important matters. They will use the latest technology to streamline their procedures. And you can purchase this fantastic service by using our unique subscription model that takes all the risk out of the process. Interested in learning more? Book a free consultation today and let’s discuss your needs.

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